Successful Child Surgery in Benghazi


A Libyan medical team at the Al-Jalaa Hospital in the city of Benghazi has successfully removed an iron bar that penetrated the mouth of a 12-year-old child. In a statement, the hospital said that the child was seriously injured as a result of a fall that led to laceration in the internal cavity of the mouth and salivary glands.

A joint medical team between general and maxillofacial surgeries prepared the operating theater. They were able to remove the bar from the patients mouth, stop the bleeding and restore the salivary gland under the lower jaw.

The operation’s medical team consisted of general surgeons Dr. Wael Al-Abbar and Dr. Fares Al-Amin, maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Ahmed Al-Raydh, and anesthesiologists and intensive care doctors Dr. Mohamed Al-Rehaween and Dr. Islam Al-Baraki.