Benghazi University’s Medical College Earns 4-Year Program Accreditation

Benghazi University's Medical College Earns 4-Year Program Accreditation
Benghazi University's Medical College Earns 4-Year Program Accreditation

The University of Benghazi (UoB) has made significant efforts to align its medical faculty, with international standards. A team from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) visited the Faculty of Human Medicine to assess the procedures for accrediting educational institutions. This is part of the university’s broader goal to obtain international accreditation for its medical colleges.

Abdullah Abdul Jalil, the Director of the National Centre for Quality Assurance, emphasized that the WFME’s audit would grant accreditation to medical colleges in Libya. This accreditation is crucial as it will enable graduates to join medical colleges worldwide, significantly enhancing the global mobility and recognition of Libyan medical graduates.

During their visit, the WFME team, along with a local accreditation team, conducted a thorough review of the College of Medicine. They evaluated various aspects, including lectures, the library, the clinical skills laboratory, and the anatomy department.

The University of Benghazi’s quest for international accreditation is not just a local endeavour, but part of a global movement in medical education. Starting in 2024, a resolution to accredit medical colleges globally via the International Center for Medical Education Accreditation will be implemented. This initiative aligns Libyan medical education with international benchmarks, preparing graduates for significant roles in the global healthcare sector.

The UoB School of Medicine was established in 1970, and offers a 6-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, accredited by the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education and the World Health Organization (WHO). The curriculum is based on the US system, and covers a comprehensive range of medical subjects, providing students with opportunities for research and clinical rotations.