US National Security Council Warns of Military Escalation in Libya


The US National Security Council said on Monday via its official Twitter account that the US oppossed further military escalation in Libya. It called for a ceasefire and for a return to negotiations.

“The United States strongly opposes military escalation in Libya – on all sides. We urge parties to commit to a ceasefire and resume negotiations immediately” it said.

The NSC stressed the need to continue with the progress made through the UN’s 5+5 talks, the Cairo Initiative, and the Berlin process.

The statement comes a day after a speech by Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi, which he delivered during his visit to a newly unveiled airbase in Egypt’s western military zone.

El-Sisi said that they had received direct threats from the “terrorist mercenaries and militias” in Libya, making a military intervention by Cairo now legitimate.

“Any direct intervention by the Egyptian state has now gained international legitimacy,” said El-Sisi.

According to the Egyptian President, the purpose of using military force would be to protect Egypt’s border, achieve a ceasefire, and establish security and stability in its neighbouring state.