Lavrov: No Military Solution To Libyan Conflict


On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya, adding that Turkey, and Egypt agreed with Moscow’s approach to the settlement of the conflict.

In a press statement, Lavrov said that “all external players should create conditions for inclusive dialogue between the warring factions in Libya. This is something that Turkey, and Egypt also agreed with”. Talks were held with the Foreign Ministers of those countries, in addition to plans for “sitting at the negotiating table, and discussing acceptable agreements”

Lavrov emphasized that there is no military solution to the conflict in Libya, saying: “I discussed this issue with a number of my colleagues, and they agree with the basic element of our position, which is the lack of a military solution to this conflict”. “In fact, this is the most important in all the decisions adopted by the UN Security Council, and all the conferences that have taken place, including the Berlin Conference” he added.

“The military superiority of one party over another in the conflict has been temporary each time, and there has always been a reaction, and a change of situation, on the ground.” Lavrov said. He added that “depending on who is progressing, and who is retreating, the retreating side was ready for negotiations, and the advancing party was not willing, we all understood this a long time ago”.

The Foreign Minister stressed that he does not see any other option, other than an immediate ceasefire, “All other issues are resolved on the basis of the negotiation process, in line with the understandings set forth in the Berlin Conference”.