US Senator Calls For Sanctions On Turkey


The US Senator for the state of New Jersey, Bob Menendez, has called for sanctions against Turkey, due to its aggression in the eastern Mediterranean, threatening US interests.

Menendez’s comments were sent in a letter to US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. He called for the immediate imposition of CAATSA sanctions on Turkey, for the purchase and installation of Russian S-400 missiles.
“The Administration’s failure to impose sanctions against Turkey for this purchase will drastically diminish the deterrent effect of CAATSA sanctions for other countries, considering significant purchases of Russian military equipment.” he wrote.

Menendez stated that US ties with Greece, Cyprus, and Israel are vital for stability in the eastern Mediterranean. In recent months, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has been threatening regional stability, and US policy interests, against Greek, and Cypriot partners.

“Since January, Turkey has become the latest country to violate the United Nations arms embargo on Libya. It has mobilized military support for the Government of National Accord (GNA), to advance the ill-conceived maritime boundary agreement that ignores not only the legitimate claims of Greece, and Cyprus, but also basic international law. Such actions run counter to efforts to promote stability in the region” he added.
“It is my sincere hope that in the future we can count on a democratic, productive partner in our NATO ally Turkey. However, we must uphold our laws in pursuit of our interests, and stand with our allies in the face of aggression” Menendez stated.
In December 2019, Turkey signed with the GNA, two MoUs on defence, and maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean.

This agreement was rejected by several countries, including Egypt, Greece, Cyprus and the UAE. They described it as an illegal act, that violated the sovereignty of other Mediterranean states.