Algerian and French Presidents Agree on Ending Libyan Crisis


On Saturday, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune held a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss the most recent developments in Libya, bilateral relations between the two countries and developments the Sahel.

In a statement, the Algerian Presidency said that the two leaders agreed to resume contacts between Algeria and France at the highest level, stressing the importance of enhancing bilateral cooperation in all fields.

The two presidents showed identical views on regional issues of common concern in light of the recent developments in Libya and the Sahel region.

Last Thursday, France, Germany, and Italy jointly called on all Libyan parties to end fighting immediately and unconditionally, as well as stop the current military reinforcements in the country.

According to the joint statement, they called on external parties to end all forms of interference in Libya and to fully respect the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council.

The three countries stressed that any initiative to support the ceasefire agreement and a political settlement in Libya must be comprehensive and adhere to the principles of the Berlin Conference, which remains the only viable framework.