EU Foreign Policy Chief Says Libya Arms Embargo Non-Existent Due To Violations


The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, stated that the UN arms embargo on Libya has become a joke because of the continuous violations.

Borrell told ‘Al-Arabiya’ news that international relations with Turkey are turning from bad to worse and all issues must be addressed. He added that the interests of the European Union, Turkey, and EU member states were divided on resolving the crisis.

Borrell said that Ankara refuses to be a bulwark for Europe against the flow of immigration, while Europe is looking to resolve the problems of neighboring countries with no one helping.

Since a meeting of world leaders held in Berlin in January 2020 to draw up a Libyan peace plan, both sides in the civil war have rejected international appeals and sought support for further arms and mercenaries.

In February, the UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding enforcement of the arms embargo on Libya and a ceasefire.