Benghazi Seaport Announces Floating Dock Operation For Oil Tankers Maintenance


The Benghazi Seaport Administration announced the start of a floating dock operation, for the maintenance of ships, and oil tankers of the Benghazi Naval Base.

In a statement, the Administration stated that operating the floating dock meant the activation of a new service for ship, and tanker owners. It confirmed the rise of the dredger ‘Satra’, on board of the floating dock, consisting of the dock and dredger crew.

It explained that the port’s infrastructure work is proceeding regularly, while container ships carrying cement, grains, scrap, cars, and other goods, continue to unload.

The Administration indicated the completion of the installation of surveillance cameras for the port of Benghazi, as well as paving roads, and lighting in the port, per the requirements of The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.