Arab Parliament Calls For End To Turkish Interference in Libya


On Wednesday, Arab Parliament Speaker Mishaal bin Fahm Al-Salami called for a unified position to face the Turkey’s recent actions that threaten the sovereignty of the Arab world, especially in Libya and Syria.

In a statement marking the International Day of Parliamentarism, Al-Salami said that the Arab Parliament was working to strengthen Arab integration in the face of Turkish ambitions in the Arab region.

It also aimed to halt Ankara’s military interference in Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

“Turkey must be bound by the principles of good-neighborliness,” the statement noted.

In June, Arab Foreign Ministers agreed to a political solution for the Libyan crisis in accordance with the outcomes of the Berlin Conference and the Cairo Declaration.

They reiterated that they upheld the sovereignty of Libya, its territories, and its national unity “every step of the way.”

The Foreign Ministers condemned all forms of foreign military interference in any Arab nation.