Al-Hwaij: Libya Will Take Strict Action Against Turkey’s Intervention


On Wednesday, Libya’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for the eastern-based Interim Government, Abdel-Hadi Al-Hwaij, stated that Libya and Greece faced common threats posed by Turkey.

Speaking to ‘Sky News Arabia’, Al-Hwaij agreed to demarcate maritime borders between the two countries. The Minister added that the Government of National Accord (GNA), which signed a maritime boundaries agreement with Turkey, was illegitimate.

He also noted that the Libyan Interim Government is the only legal authority allowed to make such agreements.

Al-Hwaij slammed Turkey’s intervention in Libya, saying: “Turkey is invading Libya and we will take all measures to confront this aggression”.

Tensions are at an all time high between Athens and Ankaravdue to Turkish drilling off the coast of Cyprus.

The European Union has prepared sanctions against Turkey as a response.