European Union Pledges 455 Million Euros To Protect Migrants And Train Libyan Coast Guard


On Thursday, the European Union stated that it would allocate €455 million euros towards the protection of migrants and the training of the Libyan coast guard.

A European diplomat said that 2,600 migrants were being held in detention centers inside Libya, according to ‘Alarabiya’ news agency.

The source added that Italy was unable to supply the Libyan coast guard with boats in the port of Bizerte, in northern Tunisia.

The diplomat added that the deteriorating security situation prevented the Libyan coast guard from being supplied with ships.

He noted that the living conditions of migrants in detention centers “are very poor.”

While the authorities continue with armed conflict, migrants continue to cross the porous southern borders of Libya in hopes of reaching Europe.

They risk their lives not only crossing the vast Sahara desert, but are threatened by gangs and human traffickers, are subjected to violence, slavery and even murder.