Algerian President Says Libyan Crisis Made Worse By Foreign Interference


Algeria’s President Abdel Madjid Tebboune likened the Libyan situation to the Syrian crisis because of the foreign interference taking place in both countries.

In an interview with France 24, he said that the fact that the Libyan tribes took up arms might turn Libya into a new Somalia and reflect negatively on the security of the entire region.

The Algerian president said he had informed the French president in Berlin 4 months ago that if a ceasefire was not reached, the situation would heavily worsen.

“The real danger is that we find ourselves before a situation akin to Syria because of the multiplicity of foreign interference,” he said.

The Algerian president praised the wisdom of the Libyan tribes despite violations by mercenaries, saying that if the Libyan tribes are forced to confront mercenaries with arms for self-defense, then Libya would turn into the Somali scenario.

If Libya turns into a new Somalia, it will motivate many to push terrorists into Libya to rid their countries from terrorism, he warned.

He stressed that Algeria was communicating with all Libyan parties to resolve the conflict and said that his vision is close to that of French President Macron and his Italian counterpart.

He demanded to reach a final ceasefire and respect the needs of the Libyan people, their tribal organisation and consultations, and the organisation of elections through transitional institutions.

At the end of his speech, the Algerian President affirmed that the Government of National Accord (GNA) was among the transitional institutions but that it overlooked a few things.

Institutions must be established to represent all Libyans by electing a president and two vice presidents to represent all people and adopt a current constitution.