Egypt’s UN ambassador: Some countries are transporting foreign terrorists to Libya


Egypt’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohamed Idris, expressed Egypt’s grave concern about some countries’ efforts to recruit and transport foreign terrorist fighters from Syria to Libya.

The Ambassador stressed that it constitutes a violation of international peace and security, including several Security Council resolutions on Libya and counter-terrorism efforts in the region.

During his speech at the Security Council session on “combating terrorism and extremism in Africa”, requested by China in its capacity as President of the Council in March 2020, Idris confirmed Egypt’s rejection of this approach.

He called on the Security Council to maintain international peace and security by enforcing Resolution 2396 to prevent the movement of known terrorists.

In his statement, Idris assessed the development of the threat of terrorism in the African continent, particulalry in the Sahel region, and emphasized the interrelated relationship between terrorism and organized crime. He also stressed Egypt’s full support for African states in the Sahel who are facing the threats of terrorism and extremism.