GNA’s Health Ministry Sends Medical Aid Shipment to Sebha City


On Sunday, the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Accord (GNA) dispatched a medical aid shipment to Sebha city.

In a statement, the ministry said that the medical aid provided to Sebha’s central hospital comes as part of the state’s efforts to support Libya’s southern municipalities in facing the deadly coronavirus.

The shipment includes ten fully-equipped mobile isolation rooms and other various medical supplies, such as face masks, medical gloves and alcohol, in addition to hundred oxygen cylinders and a CT-Scan 32 slice-computed tomography scan.

The Ministry of Health also sent fluoroscopy X-ray systems to the Sebha Medical Center.

The Libyan city has become the new epicenter for the virus, registering hundreds of infected cases.
The country’s disease control center attributed the cases in Sebha to people returning home from abroad.

The outbreak has resulted in a lockdown of the city and prevention of inter-city travel as well as the postponement of plans to reopen schools in early June.