Bushnaaf Forms Committee To Monitor Migrant Workers In Libya


On Tuesday, Ibrahim Bushnaaf, the Interior Minister for Libya’s eastern-based Interim Government, issued a decision to form a security committee to monitor migrant workers in Libya.

The Committee will be headed by the Director of the General Administration of Criminal Research.

The General Administration said in a statement that the committee will work to monitor migrant workers in Libya by preparing an electronic inventory card containing the personal data of each expatriate for a period of six months for a fee.

The card is renewable and will be issued after the expatriate’s medical examination. The card is only issued to those who have a passport or valid documentation.

Those found without valid documentation or to be suffering from diseases will be referred to shelters run by the illegal migration agency in preparation for their deportation.

The statements containing the names of the expatriate workers will be referred to all security agencies to adopt the necessary measures.

It pointed out that all public and private legal entities, such as travel and telecommunication companies will be instructed to not deal with expatriate workers, except after submitting an electronic inventory card.

The statement emphasized that a bi-monthly report would be prepared for the efforts of the committee, including the names of the expatriates.