Di Maio Proposes 4-Pronged Approach To Solve Libyan Crisis


Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio reiterated his support for the Berlin process, proposing “four priority action axes” to solve the Libyan crisis.

During his speech at the UN Security Council session on Libya, Di Maio indicated that these axes are represented in “ending all external interference that violates the UN resolution on the arms embargo, reaching an agreement on an effective ceasefire, stimulating political dialogue in favor of a comprehensive solution without further delay, as well as an urgent resumption of oil production”.

In order to restore momentum to UN efforts to mediate in the country, Di Maio stressed the “urgent necessity” to appoint a new special representative as soon as possible.

The Italian Foreign Minister said that the meeting of the Security Council “represents an opportunity to affirm the international community’s support for the UN efforts to achieve a cessation of hostilities and the promotion of peace and security in Libya”.