Deadly Clashes Erupt Between Armed Groups In Tripoli’s Janzour District


Deadly and violent clashes in the western Tripoli district of Janzour broke out between militias affiliated to the Interior Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The confrontation was due to a dispute over control of petrol stations in the area.

The clashes resulted in the deaths of several militia members and the torching of a number of

This took place just two kilometers away from the UN mission headquarters in Janzour and the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Stephanie Williams’, residence.

The UN Mission has not yet commented on the incident. It is expected that it will condemn the incident and wait until a probe is announced by the Interior Minister,
Fathi Bashagha, to declare its support for it.

The clashes began in the Al-Jaafera area after gunmen of a central security battalion in Abu Salim killed the brother of the commander of the local Fursan Janzour Brigade, named Hamid Abu Jaafar (aka Al-Kabsh).

Mahmoud Abu Jaafar’s, (aka Shaybah) is the commander of Fursan Janzour Brigade. He avenged the death of his brother, who was killed by Muhammad Fakkaar (aka Al-Kiki), who in turn is a member of Ghenwa Al-Kikli’s militia and the Al-Nawasi Brigade.

Subsequently, a number of houses owned by Al-Kiki’s relatives were set alight. The death toll is believed to have reached twelve people.