Egypt To Undertake Military Exercise Near Border With Libya


On Thursday, Egyptian media announced that the Egyptian Army is preparing to carry out a military exercise near the Libyan border, named ‘Hasm 2020’. This is in response to Turkey’s announcement about a new military drill in the Mediterranean.

The Egyptian channel “Cairo and the People” stated in a post on Twitter that the Egyptian armed forces are carrying out the maneuver at the western border.

The announcement comes one day after the Turkish naval forces declared that they are preparing to carry out a large naval exercises off the Libyan coast in the coming period.

The Turkish Navy was quoted as saying that the expected maneuvers would be called ‘Naftex’ and would take place off the Libyan coast.

This would be in three different regions, named ‘Barbaros’, ‘Targot Rais’, and ‘Chaka Bay’.

These maneuvers are believed to be training in anticipation of conflict in the eastern Mediterranean due to the recent escalating tensions in Libya.

Egypt and Turkey are currently at odds, especially after Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi announced Egypt’s readiness to secure the country’s western border with Libya.

He noted that illegal interference in the region contributed to the spread of extremist militias, stressing that Sirte and Al-Jufra constitute a red line for Egypt.