Libyan Doctor Advises People To Stay At Home Amid COVID-19 Surge


Libyan doctor Hani Shanib urged the Libyan people to remain at home to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The doctor pointed out that countries that have neglected the procedures have begun to notice the return of the virus.

He said that the hospitals have been filled with infected patients. “The sight of young and old patients on ventilators hurt me. We are doing our best to save them”, he wrote.

“There is no need for weddings, gatherings, and other events, this is not the time. I have completed seven heart valve operations and catheter transplants. I don’t think any surgeon can perform the operations in this emergency period”.

He concluded by saying that “Libya does not have the capabilities of diagnosis or treatment as other medically developed countries. Therefore remain at home to protect your health and your families”.