Al-Haliq: The Oil Fields are Still Closed; No Pumping of Any New Oil”


On Friday, the tribal leader in charge of the oil and gas sector in the Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Elderly of Libya, Sheikh Al-Senussi Al-Haliq, said that the oil fields are still closed to this day.

In a press statement, Al-Haliq said: “the resumption of oil loading from the Sidra oil port is a first step toward the full implementation of the conditions that we stressed, and the Libyan National Army authorized Parliament to negotiate on them.”

He confirmed that the Sarir refinery did not stop at all, as it pumps 10 thousand barrels per day of oil to feed power stations in the interior of Libya, while all other fields remain closed to this day, including the Masalla field.

He indicated that the resumption of the loading process from Sidra port, is from the stock there and that there is no pumping of any new oil.

“The resumption of oil loading as a first step depends on the commitment to deposit oil revenues in the fund that was required to be established before, and in case of failure to do so, the loading of oil will cease again and the fields will not open.” Al-Haliq said.