Mayor of Tajoura calls for Demonstrations demanding Solution to Electricity Crisis


On Saturday, Mayor of Tajoura Hussein bin Attia called on citizens to conduct a peaceful demonstration before the headquarters of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord next Wednesday to demand a solution to the power outage crisis.

On his official Facebook page, bin Attia demanded civil-society organizations, media professionals, athletes, and all factions of society to participate in the gathering to address the crisis that Libya suffers from for 6 years now, saying “this will be the last year that the Libyan people suffer from the darkness.”

This is the second call that Ben Attia directed to citizens to demonstrate because of the electricity crisis.

Sources have confirmed the officials of the General Electricity Company accused the mayor of Tajoura Municipality of not paying the fees for installing the electricity consumption meter due to his attack on the company and its management.

During the previous days, Ben Attia organized a protest before the Presidency Council to demand the dismissal of the company’s board of directors to reduce the suffering of the citizens affected by the power outages.