Libya Ranks Last in Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020


Libya has been ranked last in the Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2020 edition (GRETI), a biennial report by the US Property and Management Consultancy Firm JLL.

The index ranks 99 countries and territories and 163 cities globally. The index assesses real estate market transparency based on over 200 individual indicators relating to: investment performance, market fundamentals, governance of listed vehicles, regulatory & legal environment, transaction process and sustainability.

According to the index, the political and social headwinds continue to overshadow any potential progress toward improving real estate transparency, leading to a regression in several countries including Iraq and Libya, with the latter taking last place in the global ranking.

A total of 99 countries have been ranked in the index. It has Britain at the top. After this, America, Australia, France and Canada are all in the top five countries respectively. China ranks 32 in this index, Sri Lanka 65 and Pakistan 73rd. The top 10 countries are categorised as highly transparent whilst those ranked 11 to 33 are seen as transparent.

Libya (99th) and Iraq (97th) continue to rank among the lowest globally, while Lebanon (87th) has dropped further down the ranking.

JLL has been tracking real estate transparency and championing higher standards since 1999. This latest survey has been extended to quantify 210 separate elements of transparency, with alternatives sectors.