LNA: Blockade on Oil to Continue Until Libyan People’s Demands are Met


On Saturday, the spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA) Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari confirmed that the blockade on the country’s oil fields and ports will continue until the needs of the Libyan people are met.

Speaking in an online statement, Al-Mismari said that the LNA General Command is committed to the Libyan tribes’ mandate to negotiate with the international community over resuming the oil production.

He added that the LNA General Command has allowed the loading of a tanker on Friday with oil from storage stocks after six months without exports, noting that this came at the request of the international community.

Al-Mismari pointed out that the Libyan tribes stipulated that the oil revenues should be deposited into a foreign bank account to ensure their fair distribution amongst Libya’s three regions under the auspices of the United Nations, stressing the importance of avoiding the allocation of these funds for weapons, war, or to militias.

He also conditioned reviewing the accounts of the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli to find out where and how oil revenues were spent during the past years, and to hold accountable those who have squandered them.