Greek Foreign Minister Says Turkey Continues To Violate Arms Embargo On Libya


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias discussed his recent participation in the UN Security Council debate on Libya on Saturday.

In an article published by the Greek Foreign Ministry, Dendias emphasized the importance of the maritime border demarcation agreement signed recently between Greece and Italy, as well as the importance of cooperation with major countries in the region such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Dendias pointed out that current Turkish policy is working to destabilize the countries of the region, as it continues its provocations at the expense of Greece, Cyprus and other states.

He stated that Turkey was taking advantage of the agreement it had signed with the Government of National Accord (GNA) at the expense of the Libyan people and in violation of the Security Council resolutions regarding the arms embargo on Libya.

The Greek Foreign Minister also stressed that his position would remain consistent in defending sovereignty and sovereign rights, as defined in the international law and the Greek constitution.

He pointed out that Greece is fully aware that dialogue takes place on the basis of international law and not on the logic of what has been previously done.