Austria Threatens Turkey With Serious Consequences and EU Sanctions Amid Protests


On Sunday, Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that Turkey is set to face decisive consequences at the diplomatic level, in addition to European Union sanctions. This is due to Ankara’s interference in an EU member state, posing a threat to its internal security.

In remarks, Nehammer added that Turkey would face “severe consequences” as a result of its involvement in riots and violence against public property and police officers during clashes with the Kurdish protesters in Austria last week.

The Minister added that it is time to take strict positions against Turkey. He claimed that he has evidence that Ankara was behind the riots taking place in the tenth district of Vienna for several consecutive days.

He explained that the riots were planned in Turkey and carried out by Turkish-Austrians. He also noted that police investigations managed to identify 22 rioters belonging to the right-wing extremist Gray Wolves group.

The Interior Minister alleged that 6,000 demonstrators were recruited and brought to the streets with Turkish flags in a very short time, saying this would not possible without the appropriate organization.

He pointed out that the right to freedom of expression is a valuable commodity to all citizens.