Toxic Scorpions Add to Southern Libya’s Distress Amid Government Inaction


The suffering of Libyan residents in southern regions during the scorching summer months is not only limited to the high temperatures and the lack of government services, but also includes the presence of toxic scorpions in the region.

The majority of residents in the town of Ubari, particularly those living in straw-made houses, are especially vulnerable to these scorpions. Khadija Anedi, a doctor in the town, confirmed that a large number of citizens were suffering from the threat posed by the scorpions.

She indicated that a number of children had died after being stung. She added that the government turned a blind eye in combating the crisis and has not provided the antivenoms required.

Anedi indicated that the spread of landfills and the state’s failure to combat pesticides have caused the rapid spread of deadly insects.