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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Russian Charge d’Affaires Says Russia Has Not Violated UN Arms Embargo on Libya

Dzhamshed Boltaev, the Russian Charge d’Affaires for Libya, confirmed that Russia was not supplying Libya with weapons and had not violated the UN Security Council arms embargo on the country.

In an interview with ‘Novosti’ news agency, Boltaev said “with regard to weapons in Libya, before the sanctions were imposed, we provided weapons, but of course not now and we do not violate the embargo”.

Boltaev confirmed that “Russia does not support a policy of mercenaries”, as this was illegal under current law. He added that “if there are Russian citizens who by fate were in Libya or somewhere else, it means that they have taken some steps, they are paid money for it, but they violate Russian legislation”.

Regarding the violation of the UN arms embargo on Libya, Boltaev said “this is not included in the state policy of Russia, we will lose more if we break the embargo and supply weapons to Libya, where the future is not defined and there is no stable political situation”.

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