Libya’s Council of Sheikhs Urges Neighboring Countries to Adopt Initiative to Libyan Solve Crisis


The Vice President of the Supreme Council of Sheikhs of Libya, Senussi Al-Zway, urged neighboring countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria to adopt an initiative intended to solve the ongoing crisis in Libya.

Al-Zway also called on neighboring countries to confront foreign interference in Libya and support Libyan-led dialogue between the warring parties. He stressed that the deteriorating security situation in Libya would simultaneously harm their stability.

He called on the Libyan people to reject their differences, work together to achieve security and stability, facilitate free and fair elections, as well as work to establish a civil state. A tribal delegation is due to visit Egypt and meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi to discuss Egyptian support for Libya’s security and stability.

Egypt is not alone in trying to address the Libyan crisis, urging Arab countries to intervene as happened with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the 1990s, Al-Zway added. He pointed out that Libya does not suffer from internal issues and that the most pressing issue was external interference in its internal affairs.