El-Sisi Says Egypt’s Main Goal In Libya Is To Implement Popular Will


On Thursday, Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi said that Egypt’s primary goal in Libya was to implement the will of the Libyan people.

This comes as President El-Sisi is set to meet a delegation of Libyan tribal chiefs, according to Presidential Spokesman Bassam Radi.

On Wednesday, a delegation from the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes arrived in Cairo to announce their support for the House of Representatives’ (HoR) request that Egyptian armed forces intervene militarily to protect Libya’s and Egypt’s national security.

Member of the Council Miftah Al-Qilushi confirmed that the Libyan tribal delegation consists of about 150 persons from all cities and tribes of Libya.

He added that the delegation will deliver a speech calling on the Egyptian President to intervene and repel Turkey’s intervention in the country.

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, head of the Council Mohamed Al-Misbahi said that the Libyan tribes strongly support Egypt’s position on Libya in the face of Turkish ambitions.

He stated that Libya needs the support of the Egyptian Armed Forces to expel Turkey, who wishes to take advantage of the situation in Libya to gain access to natural resources in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean.

He pointed out that the Turkish army relied on mercenaries from various regions, adding that “We came to Cairo to say we and Egypt are one people, and we want to liberate Libya completely. We [want to] send a message that we reject the Turkish occupation”, stressing the necessity to unify the Arab position regarding Libya.

The head of the Warshafana Tribe, Mabrouk Abu Ameed, said that national, social, and political leaders were visiting Egypt to coordinate positions, activate the joint Arab defense agreement, and demand support for the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The UN Charter confirms in its 51st Article that every country has the right to defend itself in light of threats at its borders and every country has the right to intervene, if requested to do so through official channels.

The HoR’s request thus gives international legitimacy and legality for Egypt to intervene in Libya, given that it is the only legitimate authority elected by the Libyan people. The HoR has called on the Egyptian army to confront Turkey in Libya, as it represents a direct threat to the security of the two countries.

The LNA has also has called for Egypt to intervene, activate the joint Arab defense agreement, and move urgently to help eliminate militias, mercenaries, and armed groups in Libya.

The overt introduction of Egypt in the Libyan conflict would awaken the international community, which has largely remained silent on Ankara’s actions in the civil war.