Staff At Coronavirus Treatment Centre in Tunisia Resign Over Housing of 3 Libyan Terrorists


On Friday, the medical staff and all workers at a Coronavirus treatment center in Monastir, Tunisia, submitted their resignation after 3 Coronavirus-diagnosed Libyan terrorists were admitted to the center.

According to Tunisian “Shams FM” radio, one of the three patients to be admitted was facing a death sentence.

Dr. Munther Al-Rabehi said that admitting terrorists at the center poses a threat to the safety of other patients who are receiving treatment.

Al-Rabehi indicated that some doctors asked the counter-terrorism task force in El Gorjani city, which brought the Libyan patients to the center, to house them in isolated rooms and impose tight security measures. The security agents refused to do so and released the Libyans at the center.

He added that 9 doctors, two nurses and an employee at the center submitted their resignation in protest against harboring terrorists without security supervision.

The director of the medical center, Hamouda El-Babah, said that a number of doctors submitted their resignation after admitting the Libyan terrorists for treatment, fearing for the safety of the rest of their patients, which totalled 169 cases.

He indicated that talks are ongoing to persuade them to backtrack on their decision and return to the center to continue their work.

Al-Babah pointed out that the center has stationed a security guard in front of the rooms of one of the terrorists, pointing out that the other two individuals are not wanted by the authorities.