“Kerrouche: Algeria Refused Sarraj’s Request to Intervene Militarily in Libya”


The former observer in the UN Peace Mission, Ahmed Kerrouche, considered that Algeria’s position on the Libyan crisis is constant, as it is committed to a peaceful solution, rejects any foreign interference, and stands at the same distance from all the conflicting parties.

In a statement to “Independent Arabia”, Kerrouche said: “things seem to have been aggravated, and foreign interventions became clear with the open Turkish interference in the Libyan West and the support of the forces affiliated with Fayez Al-Sarraj’s government, which was met with the request of the Tobruk Parliament and Libyan tribes to have an Egyptian military intervention”.

“As for the visit of Agila Saleh to Algeria, it was to inform the political leadership of the situation in Libya as well as to understand Algeria’s own view on how to resolve and defuse the tensions that threaten a regional war on the soil of Libya,” he said.

Kerrouche revealed that Al-Sarraj had previously asked Algeria to intervene militarily when the commander-in-chief of the Libyan Nationa Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar was at the gates of Tripoli, and Algeria’s response was that “it would not accept the entry of Haftar’s forces into Tripoli and made it a red line.”

“Therefore, I do not think that Algeria is responding to a request for military intervention in Libya, whether it is from Sarraj, from Saleh or from the tribes of western, eastern, and southern Libya,” Kerrouche added.

“The entry of Algerian forces into the land of Libya means that they have abandoned their neutrality and that they have become a party to the crisis” he said, adding that “Algeria will invest in the presence of Agila Saleh to calm down and insist on a peaceful solution, and invite all parties to a Libyan-Libyan meeting with regional and international sponsorship.”