Le Drian: “We should Work Together as Europeans so that the Future of Libya is Not Decided in Ankara or in Moscow”


France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called for speaking with one voice and working together as Europeans “so that the future of Libya is not decided in Ankara or in Moscow.”

In an interview with the French newspaper “Ouest-France”, Le Drian stressed his country’s work with Germany on joint initiatives regarding the Libyan file, as Berlin takes over the European presidency at the present time.

“We are committed to ensuring that Germany, Italy and France speak with one voice, as we work together as Europeans so that the future of Libya is not decided, whether in Ankara or in Moscow,” Le Drian said.

“This European rapprochement is crucial, especially with the lack of commitment to the Berlin agreement in January, which called for a permanent ceasefire in Libya,” he added.

The French minister pointed out their efforts to get foreign backers of the conflict to respect the full implementation of the arms embargo, vowing to impose possible sanctions against all those who publicly violate the embargo.

In a joint statement issued on Saturday evening, Germany, France and Italy threatened to impose sanctions on countries violating the UN’s arms embargo.

“We are ready to impose sanctions on those who violate the ban by land, air or sea,” said a joint statement issued by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Earlier, Macron said that he shared with Merkel and Conte their serious concerns over escalating tensions in Libya, adding in a tweet: “We are working together to stop the ceasefire and end foreign interference.”