Davutoglu: Confrontation With Egypt In Libya Will Not Be Good For Turkey


The head of the Future Party and former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to work to avoid a clash with Egypt in Libya.

“Sit down and talk to Egypt if necessary,” said Davutoglu, the previous ally and current opponent of President Erdogan.

The ‘Turkey Now’ website quoted Davutoglu as saying in an interview: “I must talk about what is going on behind the scenes. A confrontation between Egypt and Turkey in Libya will not be good for Turkey. It is not right to withdraw from Libya because Egypt or others want that. Turkey’s ability should be used wisely,” he added.

The former Prime Minister advised the government to conduct the battle in a “wise” manner in Libya, stressing the need to improve “relations with Tunisia and Algeria, while maintaining the western line”.

Davutoglu stressed that “France is not the only representative of the European Union in Libya. You have to improve relations with Italy and Germany. Consider the consequences of increasing the effectiveness of the United States and Russia. Sit openly and talk with Russia, and tell them when we cooperate in Syria, do not shoot us in Libya. If you reach a reasonable result, let us sit and talk with Egypt if necessary”.