Egypt’s Parliament Approves Sending Troops To Libya


On Monday, the Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved President Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi’s mandate to send troops to Libya.

The bill aims to defend Egypt’s national security along the strategic western border against the threat of armed militias and extremists.

This came during a secret plenary session for the Parliament in the presence of 510 parliamentarians, Assistant Defense Minister for Legal and Constitutional Affairs, and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Alaa Fouad, according to a statement released by the Parliament.

The session touched on the outcomes of the National Defense Council’s meeting, which was held on Sunday, headed by President El-Sisi.

“Egypt is always a peace advocate, but it will not let its neighbors (Libya) remain in danger from terrorist groups”, the statement added.

The Parliament stressed that the Armed Forces have the legal and constitutional right to determine the time and place of responding to these dangers.

Earlier on Sunday, the Council discussed recent developments in Libya, in light of Egypt’s endeavor to stabilize the current situation and not allow the crossing of the declared red lines.