Libyan Parliament Speaker Discusses Libya With Moroccan Counterpart


On Monday, Libya’s Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh, held a meeting with his Moroccan counterpart, Habib Al-Maliki, in Rabat. They discussed the repercussions of the crisis on the region, and bilateral relations between the two countries.

The talks tackled the political initiative launched by Saleh to solve the crisis, as well as Egypt’s ‘Cairo Declaration’, in accordance with the outputs of the Berlin Conference. “We have presented an initiative that we believe is acceptable to Libyans, and the United Nations. Morocco has promised to do its utmost to support the Libyan solution”, Saleh said.

Saleh’s visit to Morocco aims to engage the Kingdom in helping to end the crisis. He proposed his initiative to form a new presidential council, consisting of a president and two deputies, that would represent the three historical regions of Libya. As well as an independent government, that would pave the way for future parliamentary, and presidential elections. Saleh also condemned the Turkish military intervention in Libya, and the deployment of militias, and mercenaries in the country. He noted that they posed a major threat to the country’s stability and security.

Al-Maliki claimed that “we are in the process of studying the recent Libyan parliament initiative, and we sincerely hope that it will be a way out of this crisis”. He stressed that “the Parliament is the only elected institution in Libya.” Morocco supports any initiatives aimed at restoring, and stabilizing security in Libya. Al-Maliki stated that the Libyan crisis affects the security, and stability of the whole region, confirming that Libya’s security is part of the security and stability of all Arab countries. The two speakers also signed an agreement for parliamentary cooperation, in a number of fields.