Libyan National Army: We Reject Turkey’s Presence in Libya


Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari in a press conference from Cairo on Sunday announced that the Libyan National Army is committed to respecting the ceasefire, but will respond to any attacks waged by “militias” accordingly.

The LNA spokesperson added that Turkey is still very much active in Libya even after the Berlin conference where international powers agreed to stop meddling in Libya. He expressed his rejection to Turkish presence in Libya, noting that Turkey had transferred thousands of Syrian militants, claiming some of which are terrorists.

The spokesman pointed out that Turkey has deployed radar and anti-aircraft missile systems near Misratah and Mitiga Airports, some of which the LNA has destroyed.

It has been confirmed by several sources that Turkey pays $ 2,000 a month for every syrian fighter in return for fighting in Libya.

Al-Mismari went on to say that the LNA forces have been engaged in violent clashes over the last 48 hours to prevent GNA forces from exploiting the declared ceasefire, announcing that the terrorist Abu Abbas Al-Dimashqi has been killed on Saturday.

The LNA spokesman stated that many military operations were launched against the Turkish militias inside Mitiga airport and shot down 2 Turkish drones in recent days.