Italy Welcomes Establishment of Fezzan Provincial Council


The Italian News Agency stated that the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the establishment of the Fezzan Provincial Council — a representative body of the social and tribal reality in the region. A major goal is to develop a process of political reconciliation in Fezzan region.

“Fezzan remains a strategic region for achieving balance in Libya, and the entire region. It can make a decisive contribution to achieving stability in the whole country”, the Italian MoFA said in a statement issued on Tuesday. It expressed its full support for the initiative, and its willingness to strengthen these positive developments taking place in the region.

The Council aims to represent the region in light of the political and administrative corruption, and the deterioration of state services in the south.
It also seeks to support international and regional efforts to end the conflict, and prevent the outbreak of further fighting, especially on the Sirte-Al-Jufra axis. It was established by several activists from the much neglected south-western region.