Libya’s Interior Ministry warns against violating coronavirus measures


A spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior of the Libyan Interim Government, Lt. Tariq Al-Kharraz has said that if the concerned authorities do not respond to the preventive measures and precautionary decisions taken by the Ministry of Interior to prevent corona’s infiltration into the country, strict legal measures will be taken against them.

Al-Kharraz indicated during an interview on the Nabd el-Balad program on Saturday that the Interior Ministery is working closely with the Health Ministry in to ensure the public health of Libyans.

The spokesperson said that the precautionary measures taken are in order to limit public gathering so that the virus does not find an environment where it can spread rapidly. Such measures include the closure of cafes, schools, and universities.

“Legal measures were taken against some cafes owners in Benghazi”, he added, saying that the ministry has already closed down cafes that refused to comply.
During his interview, he stressed the need for gas stations to adhere to the safety and security precautions of having an employee be in charge of refuelling cars and not citizens.

The spokesperson revealed that the ministry will issue new instructions and guidelines soon to preserve the general health of citizens.