Egypt Denounces Turkey’s Violation of Its EEZ in Mediterranean Sea


On Saturday, Egypt has objected to Turkey’s breach of its sovereign rights at an Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Mediterranean Sea by one Turkish ship that did a geological survey from July 21st to August 2nd.

In a statement, the Egyptian ministry asserted its condemnation of the Turkish breach, describing the Turkish activity as contradictory to the UN Law of the Sea and as a “violation” of Egypt’s sovereign rights in the Mediterranean.

The ministry stated that they will not allow Turkey to conduct the geological survey in an area that interferes at one of its points with the Egyptian EEZ.

Notably, Turkey has recently issued a “navigational warning” that a Turkish ship would conduct geological survey from July 21 to August 2.

On July 23, Greece issued a naval alert after Turkey announced it was sending a ship to carry out a drilling survey in waters close to a Greek island off Turkey’s south coast.