German Navy To Participate in IRINI Missions Tomorrow


The German frigate ‘Hamburg’ will start heading on Tuesday to the Mediterranean Sea to participate in the EU’s IRINI naval operation. With 250 soldiers onboard, the frigate is meant to monitor the implementation of the UN arms embargo on Libya, according to the German news agency ‘DPA’.

The German Navy announced on Monday, that the 143-meter-long vessel will set sail tomorrow morning from the port of Wilhelmshaven, and is likely to reach the mission area in mid-August.

According to DPA, this task is facing a special challenge, due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Potentially leaving the crew unable to disembark for about five months, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The frigate is expected to return to the Wilhelmshaven harbour on the 20th of December.

IRINI is an EU mission that aims to stabilize the situation in Libya, and support the UN-led peace process. This is done by preventing arms from reaching Libya, as well as preventing the smuggling of oil and people.