Al-Sarraj-Italian MoD Stress Importance Of Returning To Political Track in Libya


On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, discussed the latest developments in Libya with Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerrini.

During the meeting in Tripoli, the two parties stressed the importance of returning to the political track, in accordance with the Security Council resolutions, and the outputs of the Berlin Conference, as well as reaching a permanent ceasefire agreement.

Al-Sarraj reiterated that any ceasefire must ensure that there remains no new threat of agression by the Libyan National Army (LNA)

Guerrini’s visit comes within the framework of consultation, and exchange of views between Libya and Italy.

The meeting was attended by the accompanying Italian delegation, which included, Giuseppe Buccino, the Ambassador of Italy to Libya, General Enzo Vecciarelli, Chief of the Defence Staff, General Gianni Caravelli, Head of the External Security Agency, General Luciano Portolano, Commander of Operations at the Italian Defense Ministry, Massimo Marotti, Minister Plenipotentiary Advisor, and Head of the Policy Office, Admiral Gianfranco Annunziata.

On the Libyan side, the meeting was attended by Ahmed Maiteeq, Vice-President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Siala, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Salaheddin Al-Namroush, the Undersecretary of the Libyan Ministry of Defense, Major General Rashid Mohamed Al-Rajabani, the head of the Internal Security Agency, Brigadier General Sabri Drees, the head of the General Intelligence Service, and the Deputy Director of the European Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry Abdel-Rahman Mazek.

The issue of security and military cooperation in the field of demining have been followed up, including training programs for Libyan military students in Italian military colleges.

The meeting also dealt with the resumption of work by Italian companies in Libya. The two sides stressed the absolute necessity of returning oil production under the authority of the National Oil Corporation (NOC).