Al-Oraibi: Rapid Rise in COVID-19 Cases in Libya


On Wednesday, Head of the Medical Advisory Committee for Combating Coronavirus, Dr. Fathia Al-Oraibi, stated that the number of cases in Libya has remarkably increased during the past two weeks, noting that most patients had moderate to severe symptoms.

In statements aired on Libya Al-Hadath television channel, Al-Oraibi said that the rapid increase in cases was a “dangerous indicator.” The total number of cases in Libya has reached 4,224, of which 218 cases were in areas under the control of the eastern-based Interim Government.

Al Oraibi explained that there was a change in the virus’ pattern, as evidenced by the registration of cases that show no symptoms. she then called on citizens to take responsibility to avoid getting infected, and curb the outbreak in the country.

“The world will likely coexist with the virus. Therefore, the most effective solution is to raise the level of citizen awareness, as well as providing facemasks at low prices for the public.” She also stressed the need to provide fully-equipped isolation rooms in hospitals in each city.

Today, the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported 161 new cases, and three additional deaths. This brings the total number of cases to 4,224 and a death toll of 96. It added that eight patients have successfully recovered, raising the number of recoveries to 633.