Chaos in the hallways of Libya’s GNA. What’s happening?


Major General Abdel Basset Marwan, commander of the Tripoli Military District, launched a verbal attack on the Presidency Council members Abdel-Salam Kajman, and Ahmed Maiteeq. He described them as a “disruptive and frustrating group” and claimed that all free and honest people must stand against them.

This attack came due to the two deputies’ criticism of Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj’s policies. They demanded an end to his monopoly in administrative, financial, and political decisions.

In his statement, Marwan declared his support for the Presidency Council, accusing Maiteeq and Kajman of serving local and international interests that seek to overthrow the presidency. He described Kajman as remaining silent throughout the war, and now appearing to obstruct the decisions of the Presidential Council, saying “we do not know for whom exactly, and why he is taking such actions”.

“We were also surprised by the behaviour of deputy Ahmed Maiteeq, and some of his irresponsible measures and statements that only serve some local parties. Unfortunately those who support them internationally are offering them, intentionally or otherwise, support aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the Presidency Council. They do so after failing to materialise this through toppling the Council militarily, during the conflict in April 2019″, the statement added.

“Now, as we look to complete the process of liberating the homeland. We are surprised every day with new intentional obstacles to disrupt the work of the Presidency Council, and obstruct its President in the tasks assigned to him.”

“We see this absurdity, and in light of the difficult living conditions, it is difficult for us to remain silent. We call on Al-Sarraj to proceed with taking all administrative and financial measures that will alleviate suffering, and reduce crises. We support him and all who wish for solutions to the problems that the country is going through”, Marwan added.

Concluding the statement, Marwan called on all “free and honorable in the supreme and sovereign institutions of the state to stand together against this disruptive and frustrating group that did not take into account the sensitivity of the current situation, and did not consider it except for some narrow interests.”