UNHCR: 6,588 Refugees and Migrants Registered in Libya In 2020


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has registered 6,588 refugees and migrants in Libya in 2020. These have been rescued by the Libyan Coast Guard, and returned to shore. As of the 5th of August, this included 4,321 refugees and asylum seekers.

According to UNHCR’s statement on Friday, 149 people landed at the Tripoli Naval Base, and in Zawiya on the 1st of August. The international organisation pointed that it was present alongside its partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC) at landing points to provide basic relief items and urgent medical assistance.

UNHCR confirmed that it continues to support refugees and asylum seekers living in urban communities in Tripoli. It also added that last week, it distributed through its partner CESVI, the personal needs of 16 individuals. More than 17,000 refugees and asylum seekers in urban areas have so far received basic materials since the beginning of the year.

UNHCR indicated that there are 46,823 refugees and asylum seekers registered with it in Libya. 45% are men, 22% women, and 33% children. It detailed that 50% of the cases have been registered in Tripoli, 14% in Al-Jufra 14%, and 8% Misrata.

It added that the majority of those registered were Syrian nationals at 34%, followed by Sudanese at 32%, and Eritreans at 12%. There has been a total of 166 individuals at the UNHCR’s Al-Sarraj registration office, during the reporting period.

“About 2,500 refugees and migrants are being held in detention centres in Libya. Among whom there are 1,212 persons of concern to UNHCR”, the Commission added.

UNHCR called for an end to the detention and for the organised release of all refugees. It added that it, together with its partners, conducted 180 monitoring visits to detention centres in Libya to provide advice, medical and financial assistance, registration, and identification of the most vulnerable groups.

The Commission also pointed out that, as of the 5th of August it had provided, through its partners, cash assistance to 5,852 individuals, including 3,494 internally displaced persons, and 2,358 refugees and asylum seekers.