Egyptians in Misrata’s Port Face New Crisis after Being Detained by GNA Militias


Ahmed Nasser, the captain of the fishermen in Kafr El-Sheikh in Egypt, said that the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) arrested a large number of Egyptian fishermen on 2nd November 2019 in the port of Misrata in Libya.

In a statement, Nasser said: “these fishermen have been working for a long time there and were surprised to find that they were arrested and placed in Turmina Prison affiliated with the Libyan National Accord Government without committing any crime or mistake, except that they are Egyptians and since that date, their news has been cut off completely.”

“The families of these fishermen live in a state of great sadness, fearing for their children on one hand, and on the other hand, they are the bond and source of livelihood for their families” he added, pointing out that “all their families have hope that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, will never abandon their children.”

He mentioned that the fishermen are: “Saad Saad Al-Tanaihi, Ahmed Mahmoud Ghitani, Walid Mohamed Abu Ibrahim, Youssef Ibrahim Abu Zulima, Saeed Saeed Abu Etman, Shadi Abadah Al-Tanaihi, Mohsen Hassan Alaa Al-Din, Mamdouh Ahmed Abu Shaheen, Islam Mahmoud Sharaf, Salama Abdel Dayem, and Hamada Salman, Adel Saeed Abbas Mazalim, and Badri Mohamed Mar’i.

“Most of the fishermen who were arrested were from the village of Al-Sokari, Burj Mughaizel, and Al-Jazirah Al-Khadra in the Motobas Center in Kafr El-Sheikh and others from Abu Qir in Alexandria,” Nasser added listed. He also called on the political leadership to intervene in order to release these fishermen and return them to their homeland.