Protests in Tripoli Due to Deteriorating Living Conditions


On Friday, several Libyan citizens organised a demonstration in Algiers Square in the capital, Tripoli, to protest against their poor living conditions.

The demonstrators expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with the unsuccessful way the Government of National Accord (GNA) deals with the crises suffered by citizens in Tripoli, especially the electricity crisis.

Citizens in Tripoli, suffer from many services and supply cuts which make living standards in Tripoli very bad. This is exacerbated by the inability of the GNA to find a solution to these crises.

Several regions in Libya are experiencing power outages of more than 30 consecutive hours.

The crisis of power outages, which shows the constant deterioration of services, has angered Libyans although they have not pursued radical solutions to end their suffering. This electricity crisis adds to the crises of liquidity and insecurity in some areas.