National Human Rights Committee Warns GNA of Restricting Libyans’ Right to Demonstrate


On Saturday, the National Committee for Human Rights in Libya has denounced statements by some political and military officials rejecting the right of Libyan citizens to stage peaceful demonstrations to demand their legitimate rights, including asking for a reform of governmental institutions affiliated to the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

In a statement, the committee confirmed that expressing opinions is a guaranteed and legitimate right that cannot be neglected.

The committee pointed out that it categorically rejects the statements of some military and political parties that generally reject the right to stage peaceful demonstration for demanding improved living conditions, the provision of basic humanitarian needs, the resolution of electricity and garbage mismanagement as well as the fight against corruption.

It also called on the Presidential Council and the Ministry of Interior of the GNA to ensure that no oppressive practices are used by their security forces against demonstrations, adding that this comes in respect of the right of citizens to demonstrate and peacefully express their opinions.

The National Human Rights Committee in Libya held the GNA’s Interior Ministry and its Presidency Council legally responsible for ensuring the safety of the demonstrators. It also expects demonstrators to not be subjected to any harm or security prosecution.