EU Preparing Sanctions against Turkey for Violating Libya Arms Embargo


On Monday, Germany, France, and Italy have placed economic sanctions on companies from Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Jordan over violations of the UN arms embargo on Libya.

In mid-July, the three EU countries said they were prepared to apply sanctions against countries and entities violating the arms embargo. They did not specify which countries would be sanctioned.

According to the report, the list includes three companies from Turkey, Kazakhstan and Jordan. Two individuals from Libya are also implicated for providing ships, aircraft, and other logistics for the transport of weapons to Libya.

While until now no concrete countries or names have been specified, the French MoFA said in mid-June, that the main obstacle for the peace process in Libya was the breach of arms embargo by Ankara.

An international conference on Libya was held in Berlin in January, where participating countries agreed to respect the arms embargo as a measure of non-interference in the Libyan conflict. The warring parties have accused each other of collusion with foreign governments, including those agreeing to the pact.