Nalut on Lockdown Due To COVID-19


The Mayor of Nalut, Abdel-Wahab Salem Al-Hajam, has ordered a complete lockdown of the city, until further notice. He also raised the level of maximum readiness, in order to deal with any emergency.

In a letter addressed to the Director of Nalut Security, the Head of Nalut’s Central Support, the Commander of Juwaibi Sixth Force, and the Director of the Municipal Guard Nalut Branch, Al-Hajam referred to the minutes of the Nalut Council emergency meeting on Monday. During the meeting, it was decided to indefinitely close the city and impose a ban on travel and movement.

Emergency medical cases will be excluded, while large gatherings and crowding, especially for social events, and in front of markets or shops, will be banned. There will also be a nightly curfew.

The mayor added that this was due to the emergency conditions that the country is going through, and the entry into the fourth stage of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.