Al-Agouri: Libya Will Never Waive Any Legitimate Right to Its EEZ Mediterranean


On Tuesday, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Libyan Parliament announced that it welcomes any agreement that maintains Libya’s interests and economic aspirations in the Mediterranean region.

This comes as a comment on the agreements concluded among Mediterranean countries, to demarcate their maritime borders. This is in addition to the statements by the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee, on the Egyptian-Greek agreement.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee, Youssef Al-Agouri, stressed that such agreements must be consensual among all the parties concerned. Regarding the Egyptian-Greek agreement, Al-Agouri said that he welcomes any agreement as long as it respects Libya’s interests, and its land and sea borders, noting, “Libya was not part of the Egyptian-Greek talks that began in 2014”.

The Head of the Parliamentary Committee emphasized that Libya will not waive any legitimate right to its exclusive economic zone. He also clarified that the Libyan Parliament is the only legitimate authority empowered to discuss such matters.